Fresh From The Oven

Loafer’s process is much like our promises; consistent, transparent, and natural. It all begins with our wheat supplier, one family’s farm in Montana, and continues through our relationships with our Loafers team and the community. The end result is fresh from the oven bread. We at Loafers Bread Company commit to operate our business in an honest and honorable manner in every transaction with every customer, employee, supplier, regulator, and competitor.We promise to delight our customers by delivering the highest quality products 100% of the time and by bringing joy to their day in every interaction with us. Loafers strives to earn the most widely known and respected name in the premium bread baking business in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. We treat each person with the respect and dignity they deserve as a unique creation of God and the family atmosphere in our bakeries provides the opportunity for people to be gainfully employed and to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. Please stop by one of our bakeries and allow us to serve you.

Baked with Love,