Catering Services in Pittsburgh, PA by Loafers Bread Company

Whether you’re celebrating a Corporate lunch, a co-worker’s retirement or celebrating a baby shower, catering services in Pittsburgh from Loafers is the perfect compliment to your event. When you’re looking for a no-nonsense menu full of delicious foods that your company will enjoy, consider catering services and corporate catering from Loafers.

At Loafers Bread Company we are able to cater to small groups and also have experience catering to large groups of 500+ people as well. You can contact any one of our stores and we will assist you in creating the menu for your event.

Lunch Options

Boxed Lunch

Lunch Platter

Party Platter

Group Salads

House Salad

Specialty Salads

Breakfast Options

Muffin Mania

Sweet Treat Tray

Sunshine Tray

Cookie Tray

Desserts and Extras


Healthy Catering Choices For Your Event

Good news for health conscious customers—our catering services include healthy options for those concerned about their waistline. From light soups to crispy salads and boxed lunches, there are plenty of healthy options with our corporate catering services from Loafers.

For those who want to enjoy a treat or two, Loafers has a wide selection of delicious baked goods that you can’t resist. Even though we specialize in bread baking, we take pride in our cookie trays that feature our huge home made cookies. Get one while you can—they’re known to vanish before you know it.

Corporate Catering in Wexford, Cranberry, & Pittsburgh

Looking for corporate catering options for that company gathering or luncheon? Try our sandwich trays. We offer sandwiches to suit every preference and taste, including:

• Chicken salad
• Roasted turkey breast
• Albacore tuna salad
• Honey Ham
• Roast beef

Sandwiches from our catering services are served on our popular honey whole wheat and honey white. Toppings include vine-ripened tomatoes, green peppers, red onions, leaf lettuce, cucumbers, and your choice of cheese. We’ll also bring condiments, cups, plates, napkins, and utensils. Your corporate catering event will surely be a hit.

Specialty Salads For Your Gatherings

Add variety to your event with salads and specialty salads from Loafers. Our house salad is light and refreshing, and goes beyond basic toppings. We also include feta cheese and croutons to give your salads a kick.

Specialty salads from our catering services are also perfect for variety of events. Our specialty salads include chef salad, island salad, and chicken Caesar salad.

Other Trays That Add Excitement

Want to make your event a little brighter? Try out our Sunshine tray. It includes a variety of sweet treats and fruits. It’s a favorite for breakfast events and a great way to kick off anyone’s day.

We also suggest that you try out our muffin tray, which is the perfect alternative to the standard donut box from the drive-thru. Our muffin mania trays feature an assortment of low-fat oat bran muffins in a variety of flavors.

Can’t Find The Perfect Assortment? Contact us Today!

Loafers is dedicated to bringing you the best catering services in Pittsburgh. If our trays are missing the mark with your catering needs, get in touch with us to discuss your custom platter. We look forward to serving our guests in the Pittsburgh area and beyond.