Loafers’ Philosophy: No Slicing. Just Wholesome, Natural Bread

The heart of our bread-baking philosophy is unsliced bread. Our loaves are baked to perfection and served whole, giving our customers the experience of old world bread with a modern touch. Whole bread is nutritionally wholesome, stays fresh for longer periods of time, and is the best way to enjoy your favorite breads.

What Makes Whole Bread Better?

Bread was primarily baked in rounds until the 1900s, when mass production began with the discovery of grains being automatically rolled through mills. Bleached and bromated bread increased shelf life but compromised on quality. Technology enhances our world in many different ways, but Loafers believes that whole bread is the only kind of bread to serve to the Pittsburgh community. Our catering services in Wexford, Cranberry, and Pittsburgh stand above the rest in terms of quality and timelessness.

With no artificial preservatives, you can count on our bread as some of the freshest you’ve ever sunk your teeth into. We want our customers to slice your loaves your way with the thickness exactly as you like it.

How We Bake Our Bread to Perfection

Loafers begins milling bread in the early hours of the morning. We grow our grains without chemicals, which keeps our loaves as tasty and nutritious as possible. Whether we’re baking bread for a single sandwich or our corporate catering services, each loaf begins its journey at our stone-burr mill.

Next, our ingredients are measured and weighed to exact specifications. Once the ingredients are ready to go, this is when the magic happens. Our expert bakers knead each loaf by hand to ensure that the quality and texture is just right. The loaves are then placed on parchment paper and prepared for rising.

Once every loaf is at the correct expansion and firmness, it’s placed into the oven for rising. The exact process for rising varies by day, and depends on factors such as humidity and temperature.

When every loaf is baked to perfection, they are pulled from the oven and loaded onto a cooling rack, waiting for the next customer to enjoy its flavor and freshness.

How to Enjoy Our Bread

Loafers’ bread is delicious and perfect for a number of occasions. You can stop by our café to grab a sandwich and pick the bread flavor or your choosing. Another popular option comes with our catering services, as we prepare sandwiches that are custom made for your party or gathering.

Our breads can also be enjoyed alongside scrumptious soups, salads, dips, and more.

Catering Services in Wexford, Cranberry, and Pittsburgh PA

If you’re sold on our bread’s unparalleled quality and goodness, we invite you to get in touch with us about our catering services. If there’s no gathering on the horizon, keep us in mind as you plan your next party.

As always, you’re always invited to stop by one of our cafes and experience everything that Loafers has to offer.