The Hidden Coffee Shop in Cranberry

What Guests Love About Loafers: The Hidden Coffee Shop in Cranberry

coffee shop in cranberry and wexford

Loafers Bread Company has baked breads in dozens of varieties since [year established]. With delicious breads ranging from Cinnamon Swirl to Rustic French, it’s easy to see why guests love loafers. However, Loafers is more than just a bread baking company: we’re the hidden-gem coffee shop in Cranberry and Wexford.

If you ask any of our guests, they’ll tell you that Loafers is one of the best coffee shops in Cranberry. The aroma of our freshly brewed coffee combined with our baked goods gives the perfect kick-start to any morning.

But what is it about Loafers coffee shop that our guests love so much?

  • Guests love our Loafers House Blend Coffee. It’s sourced globally but brewed fresh every morning in our cafe.
  • Our coffee is always hot and ready to go.
  • We make our baked goods from scratch every day. Our guests love the mouth-watering taste of our muffins, scones, and cookies. Not to mention, our baked goods perfectly compliments our coffee.
  • We’re famous for our cinnamon rolls. You can take your pick of pecan toppings, or take it lightly frosted. Either way, it’ll most likely be the most delicious cinnamon roll you have ever tried.
  • Want to stay for lunch? Our guests love our hearty soups, nutritious salads, and our variety of sandwiches. You can even request your own custom sandwich for the ultimate lunch.
  • If you’re in a hurry, you can always get a cup of our coffee to go—but don’t forget to grab a cookie or muffin for the road.

Don’t Forget: Loafers Does Catering in Cranberry And Wexford

Loafers is proud to serve the residents of Cranberry and Wexford with quality catering services. When you want the deliciousness of Loafers at your very own office or event, our catering services will add the perfect touch. You can choose from unique platters, such as:

  • Sandwich trays with chicken salad, roasted turkey bread, honey ham, and more.
  • Specialty salads such as chef salad, island salad, and chicken Caesar salad
  • Muffin mania trays with an assortment of low-fan oat bran muffins and a mixture of flavors
  • Custom trays that perfectly compliment your special event.

The best way to discover why guests love our coffee shop in Cranberry is to come in and have a cup for yourself. We have three locations in Cranberry, Wexford, and Pittsburgh—and we’re excited to become your new favorite coffee shop.

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